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Deadwood, S.D. Revealed

The Real People, Places and Events

Lower End of Deadwood in 1877
1877 Artist sketch of Deadwood

'DEADWOOD, South Dakota Revealed' is a volunteer history and genealogy web site.

As an amateur historian, the remarkable story line of HBO's : "Deadwood" television series prompted me to seek the true history behind the people and places shown on my television screen.

Many of the characters in the HBO mini-series were real people including "Wild Bill" Hickok, "Calamity" Jane, Seth Bullock, Sol Star, Rev. Smith, Charlie Utter, Al Swearengen, and others. The historical facts do not not always match up exactly with the HBO story line (such as the death of Preacher Smith), but many times they do.

This is not a criticism of the HBO series, as the series was not intended to be a 'documentary.' The Deadwood mini-series is a fascinating tale of the early days of the Black Hills of South Dakota, being loosely based on factual people and events.

I hope you enjoy the history, photographs and links provided here.

Oh, and yes, I'm a big fan of HBO: Deadwood !!!