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Ellis Albert "Al" Swearengen

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Gem Theatre when Al Swearengen owned it
Al Swearengen
8 July 1845-?1899

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the HBO


Note: Ellis Albert Swearegen's family surname is spelled various ways including Swearingen, Swearingin, etc.

Ellis Albert"Al" Swearengen was born (twin to Lemuel A., sometime incorrectly reported as Samuel) in Oskaloosa, Iowa on July 8, 1845, and was married by 1880 to a woman named Nettie who later divorced him. Al's father was named Daniel J. Swearingin and his mother was Keziah Montgomery of Illinois. He had a brother Winfield S. ( W.S.) in the 1880 census, who was bartending. Al was a direct descendant of Garrett Swearingen of Holland [see below].

Al ran the Gem Theater in Deadwood. Al's family is found in Mahaska Co, Iowa in 1860 & 1870. The name is then spelled Swearengen. In the 1880 US Census of Deadwood, his name is spelled "Swearinger."

1880 United States Federal Census > Dakota Territory > Lawrence > Deadwood Township (District 120)

Swearinger, E.A., W M 34, Gem Theatre, born Iowa, KY, IL [Albert E][Ellis A.]
Swearinger, Nettie W F 28 wife, Keeping House, MA, KY KY
Swearinger, W. S., W M 32 brother, Bartender, Iowa, KY, IL
And a long list of actors, actresses, etc.

Family Tree of Ellis Albert Swearingen

Gerrett/Garrett Swearingen, son of David/Eric Janse Swieringh/Van Swearingen, was b. 4 Feb 1635/36 in Beemsterdam, Holland and d. 4 Feb 1697-1698 in St. Mary's City MD. He married 1 March 1658/59 in New Castle, DE. He married 1st) 1 March 1658/59 to Barbara de Barrette. She b. bet 1638-1640 in Valenciennes, France. He married 2nd) 5 Sep/Oct 1676 in St. Mary's City MD to Mary Smith. She b. bet 1635-1650 in St. Mary's City MD.
Children of Gerrett/Garrett & Barbara (de Barrette) Swearingen:
1. +Thomas Swearingen, b. abt 1665 in MD
2. Mary/Maria Swearingen, b. abt 1667 in MD
3. Elizabeth Swearingen, b. abt 1661 in New Amstel DE (New Castle)
4. Zachariah/Zacharias Swearingen, b. abt 1662 in New Amstel (New Castle) DE
5. Garrett Swearingen, b. abt 1670 in MD
Children of Gerrett/Garrett & Mary (Smith) Swearingen:
5. Joseph Swearingen
6. Charles Swearingen
7. Anne Swearingen
8. Theresa Swearingen
9. Elinor Swearingen, b. abt 1683 in MD
10. Dorothy Swearingen, b. abt 1685 MD
11. Sarah Swearingen, b. abt 1690 MD

Thomas Swearingen, son of Gerret/Garrett & Barbara (de Barrette) Swearingen, b. abt 1665 in MD and d. 10/19 March 1709-11 in Shepherdstown, Berkeley Co. VA/WV. He married about 1687 in MD to Jane/Jayne Doyne Hyde, dau of Joshua & Jane (Sanders) Doyne.
Children of Thomas & Jane (Doyne/Hyde) Swearingen:
1. Thomas Swearingen
2. Jane Swearingen
3. +Van Swearingen, b. btw 1690-1696 in Prince George's Co MD
4. Samuel Swearingen
5. John A. Swearingen
6. Elizabeth Swearingen
7. Katherine Swearingen

Van "Maryland Van" Swearingen, son of Thomas & Jane/Jayne (Doyne Hyde) Swearingen, b. bet 1690 and 1696 in Prince George's Co., MD, and d. 27 Aug 1787 in Hagerstown, Washington Co MD. He participated in the French and Indian War under Capt. James Baxter. Reportedly he was a person friend of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Washington and Gov. Harrison. In 1760 he recieved a license to keep an "Ordinary" or Public House.
He married 14 Feb 1714/15 in St. Barnabas, Queen Anne Parish, Maryland to Elizabeth Walker. She was b. 22 Dec 1695 in Patuxent Hundred, Anne Arundel Co Maryland.
Children of Van & Elizabeth (Walker) Swearingen:
1. Elizabeth Swearingen; m. Jonathan Simmons, had issue
2. Rebecca Swearingen; m. Joseph Tomlinson, had issue
3. Mary Swearingen; m. Aaron Phipps
4. +John Swearingen, b. 15 Feb 1720/21
5. Sarah Swearingen; m. Van "King Van" Swearingen, had issue
6. Joseph Swearingen; m. Mary Hannah Williams; had issue
7. Ruth Swearingen; m. Daniel Cresap; had issue
8. Van [Middletown Van] Swearingen; m. Margaret Stull; had issue
9. Samuel Swearingen; m. Anne -- ; had issue
10. Thomas Swearingen; m. Mary Baker; had issue
11. Drusilla Swearingen; m. Thomas Cresap; had issue
12. Charles Swearingen; m. Susannah Stull; had issue
13. Nancy B. Swearingen; m. -- Phillips

John Swearingen, son of Van & Elizabeth (Walker) Swearingen, was b.15 Feb 1720/21 in Prince George's Somerset Co MD and d. abt 1784 in Springhill Township, Fayette Co PA. He married 15 Sep 1742 in SOmerset Co MD to Catherine Mary "Katy" Stull, dau of John and Martha Stull. She b. 11 Dec 1725 in Fayette Co PA. John is listed in the DAR Patriot Index, p 662, John Swearingen Sr., b 15 Feb 1720, died 6 Sep 1786, patriotic service, Pennsylvania. He was commission an ensign in the troop of Gen. Braddock and Gen. Washington when they proceeded against the French and Indians in the Ohio Territory. They lived near the Potomoac River. He secured a thousand acres of land near the Cheat River in southwest PA (Springhill Twp) and moved there, building a fort.
Children of John & Catherine M. (Stull) Swearingen:
1. +John Swearingen, b. 7 Oct 1744 in MD
2. Daniel Swearingen, b. 5 Feb 1748/49 in Fayette Co PA
3. Elizabeth Swearingen, b. 1 March 1749/50 in MD
4. Susan Elizabeth Swearingen, b. 1 March 1750 in MD
5. Marmaduke "Blue Jacket" Swearingen, b. 2 Dec 1753 in Fayette Co PA
6. Van Swearingen, b. 3 Nov 1754 in Fayette Co PA
7. Drusilla Swearingen, b. 7 Nov 1758 in Fayette Co PA
8. Sarah Swearingen, b. 5 Nov 1760 in Fayette Co PA
9. Joseph Swearingen, b. 18 Nov 1764 in Fayette Co PA
10. Isaac Stull Swearingen, b. 22 Oct 1766 in Fayette Co PA
11. Charles Swearingen, b. 26 Sep 1767 in Frederick Co MD
12. Samuel Swearingen, b. 4 Jan 1772 in Fayette Co PA
13. Andrew Swearingen, b. 5 Oct 1773
14. Thomas Swearingen, b. 5 Sep 1775 in PA

John Swearingen Jr., son of John & Catherine Mary "Katy" (Stull) Swearingen, was b 7 Oct 1744 in MD and d. 2 March 1844 in Cabin Creek, Lewis Co KY. He married 1778 in Fayette Co. PA to Jane Catherine "Jennie" Barkley. She b betw 1752 and 1760 in Fayette Co. PA.
Children of John & Jane C. (Barkley) Swearingen:
1. +Daniel Swearingen, b. abt 1772 in PA
2. John Swearingen, b. PA; m. Elizabeth Myers, had issue
3. Marmaduke Swearingen, b. PA; m. Mary/Polly Stratton; had issue
4. Barkley Swearingen, b. PA; m. Jane Rankins/Rankkins; had issue
5. Charles Swearingen; m. Catherine Richards
6. James Swearingen
7. Otto or Otha Swearingen
8. Catherine Swearingen; m. Robert Piper
9. Drusilla Swearingen; m. David Lane
10. Mary "Polly" Swearingen; m. William Thompson
11. Sarah Beal(e) Swearingen; m. William Greathouse, had issue.

Daniel Swearingen, son of John & Jane Catherine "Jennie" (Barkley) Swearingen, was b. abt 1772 in Fayette Co PA and d. abt 1839 in Vermilion Co, IL. He married abt 1795 in Fayette CO PA to Lydia N. Peters. She was b. abt 1776 in PA.
Children of Daniel & Jane C. (Barkley) Swearingen:
1. +Abraham Swearingen, b. bet 1795-98
2. David P. Swearingen, b. abt 1807; m. in IL to Easter/Esther Rice
3. Isaac Stull Swearingen, b. 12 Sep/Dec 1812 in Vanceburg, Lewis Co KY, d. 8 Jan 1884 in Lancaster OR; m. in IL to Evaline Buoy and had issue.
4. William Swearingen, b. abt 1814
5. John B. Swearingen, b. 25 July 1803 in Vanceburg, Lewis Co. KY; m. Jane Brown, and had issue.

Abraham Swearingen, son of Daniel & Lydia N. (Peters) Swearigen, b. abt 1795-98, and d. abt 1887. He married 1st) Elizabeth Low. She b. abt 1802. He married 2nd Amy Harold.
Children of Abraham & Elizabeth (Low) Swearingen:
1. +Daniel Swearingen, b. 18 Aug 1817
2. William G. Swearingen, b. 8 Dec 1818
3. John H. Swearingen, b. 1 Apr 1820 in Lewis Co. KY; m. Catherine Troxel and had issue.
4. Lydia Jane Swearingen, b. 15 Jan 1822 in Lewis Co KY; m. William Montgomery, and had issue.
5. Elijah W. Swearingen, b. 16 July 1823/1825; m. Mary Jane Summers and had issue
6. David P. Swearingen b 21 July 1825, d. 3 Sep 1843
7. Samuel R. Swearingen b 28 Oct 1828, d. 6 May 1832
8. Elizabeth Swearingen, b. 7 July 1830 in IL; m. Peter C. Summers
9. Lemuel Abraham Swearingen, b. 30 Dec 1831 in Dewitt Co IL; m. Mary Catherine ?Swearingen
10. Sarah E. Swearingen b 22 July 1833 in IL; m. J.C. Houser
11. Jemima Swearingen b 14 Dec 1836 in IL; m. J.W. Karr
12. Abraham/Abram Swearingen, b. 14 Dec 1838 in Dewitt Co IL; m. Phoebe H. Cully/Coley and had issue
13. Zilpha Swearingen, b. 1 Feb 1839 in Dewitt Co. IL; m. Isaac T. Wiley
14. Mary J. Swearingen, b. 25 June 1840 in Dewitt Co. IL; m. Isaac House Cully
Children of Abraham & Amy (Harold) Swearingen:
15. Isaac S. Swearingen, b. 7 Dec 1844 in Dewitt Co. IL; m. Ann Eliza Thomas and had issue
16. Jacob W. Swearingen, b. 21 Feb 1847 in Dewitt Co. IL; m. Martha Ellen Elzy and had issue

Daniel J. Swearingen, son of Abraham & Elizabeth (Low) Swearingen, b. 18 Aug 1817 in Kentucky and d. 31 July 1886 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co, Iowa or Yankton, South Dakota. He married 28 Jan 1836 in Mclean Co IL to Kesiah/Keziah Montgomery. She was b. about 1818 in Illinois. Daniel, his wife Keziah and son Franklin P. are buried in Old White Cemetery, Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co. Iowa. The cemetery is located on the north edge of the city, next to William Penn University student union building.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > Iowa > Mahaska > Not Stated
D.J. Swearingin 32 M Farmer 1500 Kentucky [b abt 1818]
Keziah Swearingin 32 F Ill?
John H. Swearingin 12 M Iowa
Elizabeth Swearingin 8 F Iowa
Lemuel A. Swearingin 6 M Iowa [census states TWIN]
Ellis A. Swearingin 6 M Iowa [census states TWIN]
Winfield S. Swearingin 4 M Iowa
Sarah J Swearingin 1 F Iowa
Amirica Montgomy 16 F IL
1860 United States Federal Census > Iowa > Mahaska > Oskaloosa
D.J. Swearingen 47 Farmer 10,000/600 Kentucky
Keziah Swearingen 47 F Ohio
Lemuel A. Swearingen 14 M Iowa
Ellis A. Swearingen 14 M Iowa
Winfield S. Swearingen 12 M Iowa
Sarah J. Swearingen 10 F Iowa
Theo. D. Swearingen 9 M Iowa
Eldora Swearingen 4 f Iowa
--living next door---
Elizabeth M. Dillion 19 Housewife Iowa
Charles Dillon 2 M Iowa
1870 United States Federal Census > Iowa > Mahaska > Oskaloosa Ward 1
Swearingen, Winfield 21 M W Butcher 700/350 Iowa
Swearingen, Fannie 19 F W Keeping House Iowa
Swearingen, Jesse 8/12 Sept M W Iowa
1880 United States Federal Census > Iowa > Mahaska > Oskaloosa > District 173
John Swearingen W M 43 husband Painter Iowa IL IL
Mary Swearingen W F 39 wife Keeping house PA Ire PA [b abt 1841 PA]
Alice Swearingen w f 10 dau student Iowa Iowa PA
Arthur Swearingen W M 8 son Iowa " "
Nellie Swearingen W F 6 dau Iowa " "
Frank Swearingen W M 4 son Iowa " "
Walter Swearingen W M 2 son Iowa " "
Mary Blacksone W F 39 boarder Iowa VA KY
Minnie Blackstone W F7 boarder Iowa PA Iowa
Children of Daniel J. & Keziah (Montgomery) Swearengen:
1. John H. Swearengen, b abt 1838 in Mahaska Co, Iowa; m. by 1870 to Mary --. She b. abt 1841 in PA. Children included Alice, Arthur, Nellie, Frank and Walter.
2. Elizabeth Mary Swearengen, b. abt 1840 in Mahaska Co, Iowa; married 13 Oct 1857 in Mahaksa Co. Iowa to Abraham B. Dillon. Had ten children, Leona D., Charles F., Alpharette "Alvada", Amazette, Samuel, Earnest, William, Nellie, Fred, and Nettie.
3. William W. Swearengen, b. abt 1842 in Mahaska Co., Iowa; died young
3. Lemuel A. Swearengen, twin, b. 8 July 1845 [sometimes shown incorrectly as Samuel]
4. **Ellis Albert Swearengen, twin, b. 8 July 1845; portrayed on HBO: Deadwood; possibly died in 1899 in Colorado
5. Winfield S. Swearengen, b abt 1846 in Mahaska Co., Iowa; m. 16 Apr 1867 in Mahaska Co, Iowa to Fannie LaFollett; had son Carl.
6. Sarah J. Swearengen, b abt 1849 in Mahaska Co., Iowa
7. Theodore "Theo" Swearengen, b. abt 1851 in Mahsaka Co., Iowa
8. Eldora Swearengen, b abt 1857 in Mahaska Co. Iowa; m. Carl Boolsen, had daughter Avena.

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1. United States Census, various years
2. Ancestry.com, family trees

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