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10 Nov 1826-?
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First, I will make a general statement here that I have thoroughly researched and discovered as of 28 June 2006, what apparently no other person has researched and published on the internet--namely the ancestry of E.B. Farnum, the character portrayed on the HBO series, "Deadwood." I would therefore ask, anyone who reprints or links this information to give me credit (Janice A. Brown at this domain) for my genealogical research.

I would like to state that probably others, including Bill Wallworth of San Jose, California, have independently researched this line and have come to the same genealogical conclusion that I have, either before or after I posted my research here. My thanks to Bill Wallworth for pointing out the 1900 census information that I had not discovered, and is described below (He is one of the early discoverers of E.B.'s pedigree).

Although HBO: Deadwood gives him the name "Eustace Bailey," in the series, in real life, E.B.'s name was Ethan Bennett Farnum.

Through genealogical research, and clues from the "Adams Museum & House" web site, featuring information from the Black Hill's oldest museum, I have been able to piece together the ancestry of E.B. Farnum.

HBO's caricature of E.B. Farnum, certainly portrays him the "man you want to despise." However, I found nothing in my research of the actual man that led me to believe he had such low-class characteristics as he is depicted. On the contrary, in the various places he lived, he either served, or offered to serve in various official positions, and promoted both the law and education.

When the real E.B. Farnum left Deadwood for Chicago, Illinois, he was joining the rest of his family who had already settled there.

Favorite Genealogical Quote from 2004 season: Utter to Farnum: "You got some mighty clammy hands there partner." Farnum replies: "Oh yes, damp hands run in my family."

**E.B. Farnum's Family Tree**

Ralph Farnum, b abt 1603 probably in Rochester, Kent Co England, and d. bef 1648 in Ipswich, Essex CO MA. He married 1 Oct 1627 prob in Rochester, Kent CO England to Alice --. She b. abt 1607 in England. This family emigrated from England, arriving in Boston MA on the ship, "James" in late September 1635. He was a barber-surgeon who lectured people on theology while he shaved them. He was a proprietor in Ipswich MA in 1639. That same year he was appointed "town crier" for "ringing the bell, keeping clean the meeting house and publishing such things as the town shall appoint..." He died in the snow in Roxbury MA while going on a visit to visit a patient. After his death, his wife Allice, m2) in Gloucester MA to Solomon Martin. Ralph and Alice were 9th great grandparents of President Gerald R. Ford.
Children of Ralph & Alice Farnum:
1. Mary Farnum, b. bef 13 July 1628 in Rochester, Kent, England
2. Thomas Farnum, b. 10 Apr 1631 in St. Nicholas Parish, Rochester, Kent, England
3. Ralph II Farnum, b. 4 Aug 1633 in St. Nicholas Parish, Rochester, Kent, England
4. Sarah Farnum, b. abt 1638 prob Ipswich Essex CO MA
5. +John Farnum, b. abt 1640, prob Ipswich Essex CO MA
6. Alice Farnum, b. abt 1638 in Ipswich, Essex CO MA

John Farnum, son of Ralph & Alice Farnum, was b. abt 1640 prob in Ipswich MA, and d. 17 June 1723 in Andover MA. He married 12 Nov 1667 in Andover MA to Rebecca Kent, prob dau of Stephen & Margery (Norris) Kent. She b. 3 Aug 1650 in Newbury MA, and d. 8 Feb 1728/29 in Andover MA.
Children of John & Rebecca (Kent) Farnum:
1. John Farnum, b. 20 Jan 1669/1670 in Andover MA, died young
2. +John Farnum, b. 13 APR 1672 in Andover MA
3. Stephen Farnum, b. 19 Oct 1674 in Andover MA
4. Anne Farnum, b. 11 Dec 1677 in Andover MA
5. David Farnum, b. 7 Oct 1781 in Andover MA
6. Jonathan Farnum, b. 27 APR 1684 in Andover MA
7. Thomas Farnum, b. 11 Aug 1687 in Andover MA
8. David Farnum, b. 4 APR 1690 in Andover MA

John Farnum, son of John & Rebecca (Kent) Farnum, b. 13 APR 1672 in Andover MA, and d. 9 Sep 1749 in Uxbridge MA; he built a house overlooking the Mumford River abt 1719 in Uxbridge MA. He and wife Abigail joined the First Evangelical Church in 1744/45. His son John was executor of his estate. He married 30 June 1693 in Andover MA to Mary Tyler, dau of Hopestill & Mary (Lovett) Tyler. She b. 31 Jan 1668/69 in Mendon MA. After her death, he married 2d) 2 Nov 1733 in Uxbridge MA to Abigail Eastman, dau of Phillip & Mary (Barnard) Eastman. She b. 29 May 1689 in Haverhill MA, and d. 21 Feb 1759 in Uxbridge MA.
Children of John & Mary (Tyler) Farnum:
1. Mary Farnum, b. 16 March 1693/94 Andover MA
2. Anne Farnum, b. 18 Jan 1695/96 Andover MA
3. +John Farnum, b. 26 DEC 1697 Andover MA
4. Ann Farnum, b. 3 June 1701 Mendon MA
5. Moses Farnum, b. 8 Sep 1703 in Mendon MA.

John Farnum, son of John & Mary (Tyler) Farnum) b. 26 DEC 1697 in Andover MA; m. 8 Nov 1722 Mary Wood, dau of Solomon & Mary (Hazeltine) Wood of Mendon MA.
Children of John & Mary (Wood) Farnum:
1. Abigail Farnum, b. 7 Aug 1723
2. Thomas Farnum, b. 30 Nov 1725 in Andover MA
3. Jonathan Farnum, b. 21 APR 1729
4. Joshua Farnum, b. 20 July 1730
5. +David Farnum, b. 6 APR 1732 in Uxbridge MA
6. Sarah Farnum, b. 20 July 1736

David Farnum, son of John & Mary (Wood) Farnum, b. 6 APR 1732 in Uxbridge, Worcester CO MA; m 25 Jan 1758 to Leah Allen.
Children of David & Leah (Allen) Farnum:
1. Mary Farnum, b. 22 Oct 1758
2 +Jonathan Farnum, b. 30 APR 1760 in Uxbridge, Worcester CO MA
3. Meleteah Farnum, b. 21 Oct 1761
4. Catherine, b. 16 May 1763
5. Azubah Farnum, b. 27 Aug 1765
6. Lois Farnum, b. 15 Feb 1767
7. Ruth Farnum, b. 5 Nov 1768
8. David Farnum, b 26 July 1770
9. Thomas Farnum, b. 6 Sep 1772
10. Mordecai Farnum, b. 11 Nov 1774

Jonathan Farnum, son of David & Leah (Allen) Farnum, b. 30 APR 1760 in Uxbridge, Worcester CO MA; m. 5 Feb 1789 to Lettice Kelley, dau of Seth and Molly Kelley. She b. 9 June 1768 in Mendon MA.
moved to East Hoosick (now Adams) MA, then to Cheshire (Lanesborough) MA.
Children of Jonathan & Lettice (Kelley) Farnum:
1. Maria Farnum, b. 26 Jan 1790
2. Warner Farnum, b. 15 March 1792
3. Catherine Farnum, b. 1 Jan 1793
4. Wait Farnum, b. 1 Oct 1795
5. +John Allen Farnum, b. 2 July 1797 in East Hoosick [now Adams] MA
6. Mehitable Allen, b. 25 March 1799
7. Phila Farnum, b. 6 APR 1801 in Cheshire MA
8. Milley Farnum, b. 12 Feb 1803 in Cheshire MA
9. Mary Kelley Farnum, b. 17 Sep 1804 in Cheshire MA

John Allen Farnum, son of Jonathan & Lettice (Kelly) Farnum, b. 2 July 1797 in East Hoosick [now Adams] Massachusetts, and died in Geneva, Wisconsin, 23 Sep 1858. He resided in Cheshire, MA, Greenwich, Middlefield and Cooperstown New York, and Dundeel IL. All of his children except Ezra lived at one time in Chicago IL. He married 23 April 1818 to Chloe Bennett. She b. 3 APR 1808, and d. 3 March 1860.
1850 United States Federal Census > Wisconsin > Walworth > Geneva
Ethan B. Farnum 23 M 1700 Mass
John A. Farnum, 52 M Mass
Chloe Farnum 41 F Mass
Samanth Farnum 16 F NY
Ezra C. Farnum 13 M Mass
Lucy A. Farnum 10 F IL
Mary Farnum 6 F Wisc
Lucy Mason 65 F --?
Children of John Allen & Chloe (Bennett) Farnum:
1. +Ethan B. (E.B.) Farnum, b. 10 Nov 1826 in Cheshire, MA
2. Alonzo L. Farnum, b. 22 Feb 1829 in Greenwich NY; m. Nancy Dean
3. Edgar J. Farnum, b. 6 March 1831 in Middlefield MA
4. Samantha B. Farnum, b. 5 May 1834 in Cooperstown MA
5. Ezra C Farnum, b. 8 June 1837 in Adams, Berkshire Co MA; killed at siege of Port Hudson during the Civil War.
6. Lucy A. Farnum, b. 7 March 1840 in Dundee IL
7. Mary E. Farnum, b. 17 Sep 1843 in Geneva Wisconsin

Ethan Bennett Farnum (aka E.B. Farnum) b. 10 Nov 1826 in Cheshire MA, son of John Allen & Chloe (Bennett) Farnum; married Hannah Mary Rouse. She b. May 1833 in NY, dau of Nehemiah & Mariah (Plate) Rouse of Geneva, Walworth Co Wisconsin; he was one of the early postmasters of Springfield Wisconsin; He ran for a member of the Assembly in Wisconsin in 1874, and lost to Francis Buckbee. According to the "Adams Museum & House web site," by 1876 E.B. Farnum arrives in Deadwood, South Dakota with his family, as one of the first non-mining residents, and opened up a retail store. He also secured claims on several Main Street lots in addition to his business and residence (on lower Main Street). With seven other men he financed and promoted the Deadwood to Centennial Toll Road project, completed August 1876. He also invested in the Laura Mine and the Prince Oscar Load. By 1900 he was probably living in Maury Co., Tennessee.
1860 United States Federal Census > Wisconsin > Walworth > Geneva
E.B. Farnum 33 M Druggist & Farmer 3800 2700 Mass
Hannah M. Farnum 26 F NY
Sylvia Farnum 5 F Wisc
Willis Farnum 1 M Wisc
Samantha Farnum 21 F IL
Lucy A Farnum 18 F IL
Mary Farnum 16 F Wisc
Ezra Farnum 23 M Farmer 100 Mass
1870 United States Federal Census > Wisconsin > Walworth > Hudson (Lyons)
Farnum, Ethan B. 42 Married W. Merchant, Ret. 1800/4000 NY
Farnum, Hannah, 37 F w Keeping House NY
Farnum, Sylva, 10 F W at home, Wisconsin
Farnum, Willis, 11 M W at home Wisconsin
Farnum, Lisle 3 M W Wisconsin
1880 United States Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Chicago > District 166
Farnum, E.B. W M 52 Mass Mass Mass [b abt 1826]
Farnum, Mary W F 46 wife NY NY NY
Farnum Edward W M 22 son Printer Wisconsin Mass NY [b abt 1858]
Farnum, Sylvia W F 26 dau proofreader Wisc Mass NY [b abt 1854]
Farnum, Lyle W M 12 son Wisconsin MA NY [b abt 1868]
[so living in Wisconsin at least abt 1858-1868]
1900 United States Federal Census > Tennessee > Maury > Civil District 12 > District 81 [Note: although called Ephriam, he matches exactly the profile for Ethan B. and so this is very probably the same person]
Farnum, Ephriam B. Head W M Nov 1826 73 Married 50 yrs MA MA MA farmer
Farnum, Hannah M. wife W F May 1833 67 Married 50 yrs 3 ch 3 living NY NY NY
Farnum, Susie M. daughter W F Oct 1854 45 single Wisconin MA NY
Children of Ethan Bennett & Hannah (Rouse) Farnum:
1. Sylvia Marie "Susie" Farnum, b. Oct 1854 in Wisconsin; d. 15 Feb 1910 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL from shock following surgery, fibrosis of uterus, cysts on ovaries.
2. +Willis Earl Farnum, b. abt 1859 in Wisconsin
3. +Ezra "Lyle" Farnum, b. abt 1868 in Wisconsin

Ezra "Lyle" Farnum, son of Ethan Bennett & Hannah (Rouse) Farnum, was b. abt 1868 in Wisconsin; he married by 1887 to Charlotte Brossard, dau of Constant & Adell Brossard of Fountain Prarie, Columbia Co, Wisconsin. She was born 24 Jan 1867 in Columbia Co. Wisconsin, and died 12 July 1947, and is buried in Fall River, Wisconsin . On his WWI Draft card he states he was born 14 Apr 1873, in Chicago IL, wife Charlotte, owns printing co, Branham Printing Co., physically has broken arches [feet]
1920 United States Federal Census > Illinois > Cook (Chicago) > Chicago Ward 33 > District 2120
Farnum, Lyle, Head M W 52 married Wisconsin Mass Wisconsin, printer, office
Farnum, Charlotte, wife F W 52 married Wisconsin, Switzerland, Mass
Farnum, Bernard, son W M 20 married Wisc Wisc Wisc accountant, wholesale [b 1899 Fall River WI]
Farnum, Adele dau F W 25 single Wisc Wisc Wisc
Farnum, Harriet, dau in law, F W 17 married Minn NY Iowa
Farnum, Bernard, grand son W M 3/12 single IL Wisc Minnesota [b abt 1919]
Children of Ezra "Lyle" & Charlotte (Brossard) Farnum:
1. Adele Marie Farnum, b. 10 Jan 1895 Fall River, Wisconsin; d. 23 Jan 1920 Chicago, Cook Co., IL, age 25.
2. Vivian Constant Farnum, b abt 1897 Wisconsin; d. 13 May 1909 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL, age 14
3. +Bernard E. Farnum, b.19 Aug 1899 Fall River WI, d. Apr 1990

Willis Ethan Farnum, son of Ethan Bennett & Hannah (Rouse) Farnum, was b. abt 1859 in Wisconsin. He married about 1878 in IL to Mary A. --. She b abt 1878 in IL. In 1910 living in Maury Co TN, and then in 1920 & 1930 living in Oak Park Co., Illinois.
1910 United States Federal Census > Tennessee > Maury > Civil District 7 > District 113
Farnum E. Will Head M W 51 m1x 12 yrs Wisconsin Masschusetts Wisconsin Farmer, General Farm
Farnum, Mary A. Wife F W 32 m1x 12 yrs 3 ch 2 living IL IL IL [b abt 1878 IL, married abt 1898]
Farnum Vader/Vador A. son M W 10 single Tennessee Wisconsin IL [b abt 1900]
Farnum Earl W. son M W 3 single TN Wisconsin IL [b abt 1907]
1920 United States Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Oak Park Precinct 19 > District 169
Farnum. Ethan Head M W 59 married Wisconsin MA NY plumbing contractor
Farnum, Mary wife F W 42 married IL PA IL
Farnum, Vadis son W M 20 single TN Wisc IL
Farnum, Earl son M W 12 single TN Wisc IL
Farnum, Frances dau F W 9 single TN Wisc IL [b abt 1901]
1930 United States Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Oak Park > District 2272
Farnum, Ethan Head 8000 M W 71 married 40 yrs Wisc Wisc Wisc printer, print shop
Farnum, Mary wife F W 51 IL IL IL
Farnum, Vadis son M W 30 single TN Wisc IL
Farnum, Earl, son M W 22 single TN Wisc IL
Farnum, Frances, dau W F 19 single TN Wisc IL
Children of Willis E. & Mary A. (?) Farnum:
1. Vadis Anderson Farnum, b. 1 Dec 1899 TN; in 1918 filled out WWI Registration form (showing his birth date and full name).
2. Earl Farnum, b. 26 Apr 1907 TN; died Nov 1965 in Illinois
3. Frances Farnum, (daughter) b. 15 July 1910 TN

Bernard E. Farnum, son of Ezra "Lyle" & Charlotte (Brossard) Farnum, was born about 19 Aug 1899 in Fall River Wisconsin, and died April 1990; he married Harriet "Hattie" Frances Brant, dau of William Lambert & Cora (Miller) Brant by 1920. She was born about 1903 in Minnesota. She married 2nd, by abt 1929 to Fred Schneider. [Note: Harriet had one child by her 2nd husband, Fred Schneider, i.e., Richard Schneider, b. abt 1929 in IL].
1930 United States Federal Census > Illinois > DuPage > Milton > District 57
Schneider, Fred Head M W 32 Married at age 29, IL US US Truck Driver, grocery
Schneider, Harriet wife F W 27 married Minnesota, NY US
Farnum/Schneider, Bernard Earl stepson M W 10 single IL Wisc Minn
Farnum/Schneider, William stepson M W 8 single IL Wisc Minn
Farnum/Schneider Dorothy, stepdau F W 5 single IL Wisc Minn
Farnum/Schneider Virginia, step dau, F W 4 single IL Wisc Minn
Schneider, Richard, son M W single 1-4/12 IL IL Minnesota
Children of Bernard & Harriet (Brant) Farnum:
1. Bernard Farnum/Schneider, b. abt 1919 in Illinois
2. William Farnum/Schneider, b. abt 1922 in IL
3. Dorothy Farnum/Schneider, b. abt 1925 in IL
4. Virginia Farnum/Schneider, b. abt 1926 in IL
Child of Fred & Harriet (Brant-Farnum) Schneider:
5. Richard Schneider, b. abt 1929 IL

If you have more details on this family, I Welcome your comments/additions.

Information Sources

1. United States Census, various years
2. Ancestry.com, family trees
Correspondence with Farnum descendants

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