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REAL (Historical) P H O T O G R A P H S



Bullock, Seth - from Adams Museum & House

Bullock, Seth

Bullock, Seth, grave at Mt. Moriah


Calamity Jane in 1880 - from Schoolnet.co.uk (archives)

Calamity Jane (seated, colorized) - from Articwebsite.com

Calamity Jane - b&w plus brief biography - from NNDB

Calamity Jane - several photographs including a rare one wearing a dress - from Romance Reader at Heart (archived)

Calamity Jane at "Wild Bill" Hickok's grave in Mt. Moriah

Calamity Jane on horseback - from Legends of America

Calamity Jane in her coffin, 1903

Calamity Jane's Rock. Custer State Park, South Dakota - from American Memory


Deadwood, street scene in 1876- from American Memory

Deadwood in 1876 - colorized

View of Deadwood Town and Residential Buildings 1887 - 1892 - from American Memory

Deadwood, S.D. circa 1900 (aerial view)
- from American Memory

Deadwood, South Dakota in 1909 (panoramic view)
- from American Memory

Deadwood Today
    Deadwood shootout and more - from Cyclerides.com
    Deadwood from above
Deadwood, Main Street
    The Bullock Hotel
Wild Bill Hickok's Grave - from Digital Deadwood
Calamity Jane's Grave - from Johnnorrisbrown.com

    Saloon #10 (Wild Bill's last stop)

    Deadwood - various photographs from Johnnorrisbrown.com
    Several Deadwood photos - USGennet


Gold mining company office of Two Bit. Near Deadwood, South Dakota - from American Memory.

Gold miner filing his pick AND Gold Miner in his shack, AND Shack of Old gold miner, Two Bit Creek, near Deadwood, South Dakota - from American Memory


Hickok, James Butler (various ages) - from The Outlaws

Hickok, James Butler, photograph and model of the home in IL where he grew up

Hickok, James Butler - head and shoulders photo

Hickok, Mrs. James B. [Agnes Lake Thatcher], "Wild Bill's wife - from adamsmuseumandhouse.org

Wild Bill Hickok Monument, J.B. Riordan 1891. The rock sculpture was only in existence for ten years before being chiseled away by souvenir hunters of the day - from American Memory

Hickok, "Wild Bill", Tombstone (current)


Barn (old) in ghost mining town near Deadwood, South Dakota, circa 1903 - from American Memory

Bella Union Saloon - in Deadwood, unknown year

Catholic Cemetery, the burial place of Jack McCall in Yankton, S.D., in an unmarked grave - from Find-A-Grave

Chinese Fire Department in Deadwood - from South Dakota State Historical Society

Gem Theatre - from Legends of America

Homestead (old) of the Hardin family of Two Bit, near Deadwood, South Dakota circa 1903 - from American Memory

Hotel and boarding house (old) for single men at town of Two Bit, near Deadwood, South Dakota - from American Memory

House (old), a remnant of mining ghost town near Deadwood, South Dakota, before 1937 - from American Memory

Houses (old), still occupied, in the abandoned town of Terry. Near Deadwood, South Dakota, before 1937 - from American Memory [note: "Calamity" Jane died in Terry].

Mount Moriah Cemetery - multiple photographs - from realdeadwoodpodcast.com


Berg, Mrs. Christine, former boardinghouse keeper in early days of Deadwood, South Dakota, near where she now lives - from American Memory

Deadwood Chinese Fire Department, 1888 - from American Memory

Chinese Hose Teams Hub-and-Hub Race in Progress, Deadwood, Dakota, July 4th, 1888 - American Memory

McCall, Jack - it is said there is no photograph in existence.

Mining, Early in the Black Hills - several photographs from Ed's Photo Home Page

Roosevelt, President Theodore, in Cheyenne 1903 and riding from Laramine to Chenenne in May 1903 - from Frontier Days

Sketches by a fan of: Dan Dority, Al Swearengen, Calamity jane, E.B. Farnum, Trixie, Sol Star, Seth Bullock, Joanie Stubbs, Wild Bill Hickok, Rev. H.W. Smith, Ellsworth, Doc Cochran and Mr. Wu [note: these sketches are of the actors who play these characters on the HBO series, and are not from historical photographs].

South Dakota, old photographs - from South Dakota State Historical Society

Utter, Charlie, and his brother Steve at the gravesite of Wild Bill in 1876 - from Digital Deadwood


Smith, (Preacher) Henry Weston

Smith, Preacher

Smith, Preacher, burial site and tombstones - from Find-A-Grave


Deadwood Stagecoach in 1884 - from Cheyene-Deadwood Stage

Deadwood Stagecoach & Colonel William F. Cody - from Cheyene-Deadwood Stage

Note: All American Memory photographs can be located by visiting American Memory web site and using the search engine (type in 'Deadwood')
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